Spica Thailand


15th Floor, Sethiwan Tower
139 Pan Road, Silom
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone: (66) 2 266 6167

(66) 2 266 6168

Fax: (66) 2-266 6048
Email: claims@spica-thailand.com

After Office Hours Contact:

Capt. Saroch Sansook
(66) 81-611 6449

Tipakorn Songboonkeaw
(66) 81-822 5187

Capt. Chaiyan Thanapansakul
(66) 81-823 6712


Port Authority of Thailand requires the Master to complete and submit information 24 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival;

  • Information of conveyance (Tor.1 Form)
  • Maritime information of health via radio telegram (Tor.2 form)
  • Maritime declaration of health (Tor.3 form)
  • Last port of call / port clearance

In case, the last port of call is China and departure was within 14 days, Quarantine Office shall also require the Master to complete their questionnaire prior to berthing of the vessel.

If crew has experienced any illness, fever or respiratory problems, quarantine officer may attend on board for investigation.

Spica Services Thailand has been operating for over 25 years and Capt. Saroch has headed our Bangkok Branch for 18 of those years. Capt. Saroch who was at sea for 10 years, sailing for 2 years as Master, before coming ashore to work for a local Owner, SV Marine Co. Ltd as Operation Manager and Assistant Chartering Director. Capt. Saroch in addition to his seafaring experience, is also a qualified Lawyer.

Capt. Saroch is assisted by two claims handlers, Tipakorn and Capt Chaiyan. Tipakorn worked at sea for 6 years, becoming Chief Officer. He also graduated with a Business Degree (BBA) from a local university. He worked for a local survey firm when he first came ashore, before joining a local shipping company as Asst. Operations Manager and their ISM Manager. He has been with Spica 15 years now. Finally, we have Capt. Chaiyan who was at sea for 12 years and sailed as Master on tankers. He also worked for both a tanker company and a terminal operator, as Operations Manager. He has been with Spica Services 10 years.

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