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Unit #15-03, Sakura Tower
339 Bogyoke Aung San Road
Kyauktada Township
Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: (95) 1 255160 (ext. 140)
Fax: (95) 1 255171
Email: claims.myanmar@spica.com.sg

After Office Hours Contact:

Han Zaw Oo
(95) 978 200 1088

Kyi Thanda Oo
(95) 925 920 2896

Sainn Sainn
(95) 942 106 3053

Aung Myo Myat Naing
(95) 979 703 1904

Dughall Aitken
(65) 9625 8986

Myanmar – State of Emergency

15 Mar: In the early morning of March 15th, all mobile data connections in Myanmar have been cut off. There is therefore no mobile internet connectivity. There are unconfirmed news that this will continue indefinitely. At the time of writing this message, land based fiber lines are still operational and thus, home and office wifi connectivity remains in large areas of Yangon. There is, however, an expectation that these connections may be terminated soon also, leading to very few and difficult communication channels. Currently, large areas of Yangon are under Martial Law, although Port areas are thus far exempt and appear to be operating normally. Note, however, with the difficulty and danger evident in moving around the City, delays to operations are expected. This is the same in local Hospitals and banks, although these have been directed to continue operating normally.

4 Mar: As far as we aware, there is no delay of vessel due to custom clearance issues. The vessel calls are mostly normal and operational. However, at Sule Port (Yangon), the cargo operations take a bit longer than usual, as the working gangs stop early due to curfew (2000 LT to 0400 LT). Other than that, most of the port operation are reportedly still running normal.

3 Feb: Further to our report of events in Myanmar, dated February 1st, we are pleased to now report that, ports and related services are almost entirely operating normally. Banks have reopened, as have the International Airports, and Myanmar International Airlines reports that all scheduled (relief only) flights will resume tomorrow, February 4th.

Communication links remain intermittent but are operating effectively for large portions of the day, and Spica Services Myanmar remain at full operating capacity.

1 Feb: Following the reported transfer of power in Myanmar, please be advised that whilst communications remain possible by telephone and e-mail, these are intermittent and liable to further interruption.

The Spica Services Myanmar office does, however, remain open and functioning to full capacity, subject to any further communication interruptions. They report that the Ports and related services, are also operating normally.

We would recommend that all communications for the foreseeable future continue to be addressed to Spica Services Yangon, but also copied to the Regional Claims Management Team at Spica Services Singapore, to ensure attention.

Please use the contact details provided below (see Singapore page):

  • Dughall Aitken – dughall@spica.com.sg – Mob: +65 9625 8986
  • Thomas Larsen – thomaslarsen@spica.com.sg – Mob: +65 91557719

We will continue to keep you updated as to developments with regard communications and port operations.

CORONA Virus – crew change and medical support – 27 October

Routine crew change of international crews are not permitted. Only crew change of Myanmar Nationals are allowed for crew change in ports in Myanmar.

For Myanmar Nationals to land in port in Myanmar, after clearing necessary immigration and custom clearance procedures, they will be directly sent to government approved facility quarantine center (or) hotel quarantine, before they can return to their home states. Additional quarantine period may likely be imposed by their home state authority.

Landing crews for routine medical review or non-emergency medical attention may not be allowed, subject to the decision of Government Health Officers. However, telemedical service is available upon request.

If the crews, after medical review, is fit to sail back with the vessel, they will not be subject to local quarantine requirements. However, if the crews require hospitalization and/or unfit for sea duty, they will be subject to local quarantine requirements, before they can fly back to their home countries after treatment.

Currently, Ministry of Health and Sport Myanmar issued guidelines for mandatory quarantine requirements as 14 days facility quarantine and 7 additional home/hotel quarantine. If they are tested negative for Covid 19 and upon of mandatory quarantine requirements, they will cleared for their usual daily activities. Therefore, mandatory facility quarantine requirement is 14 days to 21 days, subject to the decision of Government Health Officers.

For foreign nationals, if they are tested negative for Covid 19 and flights are available before completing the mandatory facility quarantine requirements, it is possible to appeal to shorten the mandatory quarantine requirement and to fly back early. As stated, it is only possible if the test for Covid 19 turns out negative.

Aung Myo Myat Naing joined Spica 4 years ago, after 3 years at sea with Hyundai Merchant Marine, sailing on board cape size bulk carriers as a 2nd officer. Since joining Spica Services, he has been handling claims involving cargo/container claims, cargo quantity/quality disputes for tankers, collision, sinking, grounding, fire, oil pollution, recovery claims, etc. As a Myanmar national, Aung also has responsibility as Country Manager for Spica Services’ Myanmar Branch Office.

Kyi Thanda Oo has more than 18 years of experience in shipping industry and has vast knowledge in port operation, ship/liner operator, ship agency and cargo operation (GC, container, oil and gas), etc. She is well connected locally and has very good understanding on local authorities’ requirements and changes in local shipping industry.

Sainn Sainn has 15 years of experience with shipping lines and freight forwarders. She is knowledgeable and very familiar with local ship operation, import/export cargo and documentation, local requirements and procedure.

Dughall Aitken is the Company Chief Executive and handles major casualty work for the Company in Singapore and supervises the handling of all major claims regionally. Before joining Spica, Dughall worked for A.P. Moller, completing assignments in Maersk’s Ro-Ro, Offshore and Deep Water fleets.

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