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TSS – Sunda and Lombok Straits – 01 July 2020

Indonesia implements 1 July 2020 a new Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) in both the Sunda Strait and the Lombok Strait. Preparations have been made, such as increasing supervision and optimization of the Merak Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and Benoa VTS. Facilities and infrastructure in VTS Merak and VTS Benoa, including Human Resources, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Radar, etc. are ready to carry out surveillance in all TSS areas of the Sunda and Lombok Straits.

For foreign flagged vessels entering the Sunda and Lombok Strait traffic separator (TSS) charts, it is highly recommended to participate in the Navigation Information and Reporting System. Participation for Indonesian vessels is mandatory.

The communication in the Sunda Strait is via VHF Radio on channel 22 or 68 with the nickname of Merak VTS while Lombok Strait TSS via VHF Radio on channel 16 or 68 with the nickname Benoa VTS, where all ships passing the TSSs must be listening.

For additional information you may visit Ministry of Sea Transportation website in Bahasa (http://hubla.dephub.go.id). We hope that information in English may soon be available.

Piracy – in our area

  • Sulu Sea and eastern Sabah: It has been relatively quiet, but one incident from January 2020 does illustrate the threat and serious problem.  The crew of a fishing trawler was kidnapped.
  • Singapore Strait: With a slight increase in numbers of incidents, from 31 to 34, robberies in the Singapore Strait continues into 2021. What is perhaps interesting is that eastbound vessel are much more prone to being targeted (90%) than westbound vessels, and it is not tugs and barges but mostly tankers and bulkers.

Please find a link to the latest report from ReCAAP on the issue of piracy in our region.


CORONA VIRUS – 01 April 2020

All ports in Indonesia are currently operating. However, the situation dictates more diligent health inspections and vessels may be quarantined for 14 days in case of any health concerns. Because of restrictions on flights to and from Covid-19 affected areas worldwide, crew change and disembarkation of crew is difficult.


Mohammed holds a Master Class 1, Certificate of Competency issued by the New Zealand Government in 1992.  During his 16 years at sea, he has served on various type of ships and in all ranks up to Master.

After a successful career at sea, he came ashore in 2006 as Marine Claim Advisor for an International Group P&I Correspondent, Spica Services in Singapore. Prior to this he served as Superintendent at FSO, PULAU BUSING, being the company representative to oversee the repair work of the ship under repair at Botlek Shipyard in Holland and as an Officer in charge of training cadets onboard NOL/APL ships.

He later joined an international Insurer, AXA Corporate Solutions, Marine Division, based in Paris, France; as Marine Technical Adviser and Risk Manager for Asia Pacific region, before re-joining Spica Services to head operations in Indonesia as their Country Manager and also the Technical Director of the company’s marine surveying and consultancy arm, Boyd Marine Consultants since 2008.

He is also a marine appraiser and a certified lead auditor for ISO 9000/2000 Series and had been a Panama ship registry inspector. He has more than 30 years of extensive involvement in the marine industry.

DONY UMBARA, Spica Jakarta’s Branch Manager has a financial management background from a local university, he had been introduced to Maritime industry 21 years ago, as he had previously joined the well-known local survey company, PT. Carsurin in 1999, as marine surveyor who had been involved in various survey works, mostly P&I matter cases. In 2005 he served as the Lloyd agent in Sumatra. In 2007, he was an operation manager in CSI-superintendent, joining SPICA Services (Indonesia) in late 2010 as claim executive, handling all types of P&I cases in particular bulk cargoes such as coal and mineral including palm oils.

LEONORA FEBRIANY, graduated from local University with a Bachelor of Economics and worked previously for another local Correspondent office for around 10 years, before joining SPICA Services (Indonesia) in late 2012. She has been with SPICA for around 8 years as a Claim Executive handling all types of P&I cases, and particularly the crew claim matters.

MARIO GIDEON MANDANG – Joined Spica early in 2017 from perhaps Indonesia’s most recognised Marine Law Firm Budidjaja & Associates, where he had worked numerous cases for Spica Services. Prior to Budidjaja, Mario worked as Legal Officer for PT Arpeni, one of Indonesia’s best-known Shipping Lines. Mario specialises on legal matters for Spica Services Jakarta, and is involved in all types of P+I claim.

ERLY SENJAYA – As a Claim Handler, Erly deals mostly with crew matters, draft, loading supervision survey and containers. She also assists when dealing and attend meeting with Government of Indonesia for grounding cases. Before moving to Spica, she was with an independent surveyor company for almost 5 years. She has law background (still pursuing her Master’s degree), she moved to United Arab Emirate for two years and built networking with marine experts and companies in Dubai as she was a volunteer in IMAREST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology) Dubai branch. She has most various jobs during her lifetime and most exciting life.

CAPT. DEDHY RAHARDIAN SYAH – having completion as a Masters in Merchant Marine from Polytechnic Semarang. Prior to joining SPICA Services (Indonesia) on September 27, 2018 he worked for  Golar  Wilhelmsen Ship Management as a Deck Officer for 5 years.  While joining Spica, he has been handling all types of P&I matters and often required to outstation in dealing with third party claimants for negotiations and closing settlements in protecting Club/Member’s interest.

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