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Israel – Hamas War

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim have on 20 December 2023, issued a change in foreign policy in a response to the Israel – Hamas war in Gaza.

ZIM container lines have specifically been banned from Malaysian ports. The press release refers to ZIM being Israel-based. The press release also extends the ban to Israel flagged vessels entering Malaysian waters in addition to any ship on its way to Israel with prior operations in Malaysia.

There are a number of questions how this will effectively play out. We will follow it closely and provide updates as we receive more information.

Bauxite loading, Kuantan.

Mining of bauxite in Kuantan has been suspended, but it has now been lifted. Therefore, bauxite mining is back to normal.

Bauxite may liquefy (group A cargo) and proper documentation and sampling is needed to ensure the cargo is safe for loading and carriage.

Surveyors deployed at the last minute may only report on situations already gone wrong. Member/Club need to be careful in regard to any query of bauxite loading in Kuantan.

We continue to see these cases and want to again warn vessels of anchoring in the area without permission.


MMEA is actively monitoring vessel movement in Malaysia waters.

The MMEA is officially urging merchant ship owners to seek permission to anchor in the eastern waters of Johor (South China Sea).

Failure to do so, it is reported, will result in them being ordered out of the area or detained followed by prosecution and fines.

MMEA would not hesitate to take action against merchant ships which anchors illegally in the eastern waters of Johor.

In support of these actions, the MMEA appears to be using territorial limits prescribed by a 1979 chart. In the waters of Southern Johor, often inaccurately referred to as Singapore OPL East, these territorial limits are as much as 60 Nautical Miles offshore.

When a vessel is detained, security of MYR100,000 needs to be posted with the court for the release of the vessel. This is the maximum fine available under the law. Once the actual fine is determined at a later stage (equal or less than MYR100,000), the court determined amount needs to be paid from separate funds. The security fund cannot be used for payment of the actual fine but will of course be returned. This explains why agents why agents may ask for MYR200,000 to be paid to them in order to handle the matter.

The Malaysian Marine Department has a centralised E-Nav system based in Port Klang to monitor their floating and fixed marine assets such as buoys, beacons, etc. throughout the West Coast of Malaysia Peninsula. With this system in operation, the Authorities are able to track vessels that had contacted or damaged their assets and able to produce radar based evidence in support.

Mr Gary Edgar Tom is a Claims Executive. He joined Spica Malaysia in March 2012 as a Claims Executive. Since his 5 years tenure in Spica, he mainly handles Transport Liability and Ports and Terminals claims, along with casualty and operational files for offshore and tug and barge clients. He graduated from University of Malaysia Terengganu to achieve a Bachelor Degree in Maritime Management in 2007. He began his career as a surveyor with the largest survey company in East Malaysia. He did various types of survey and marine consultancy in East Malaysia with the company.

Ms Fairuz bt Mohd Fauzia, a Claims Executive, joined Spica Malaysia since Sept 2015 as a claim Executive. In her 1½ years with Spica, she mainly handles Container Line claims, along with files involving preloading cargo survey. Under the supervision of Branch manager, she is now handling the marine casualties cases for P&I Clubs. She graduated from University Technology Mara to achieve a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies majoring in Insurance (2006). She began her career as a claim executive in an Insurance Brokers firm for 3 years. She then joined a local Shipping Company as a claim executive for 4 years.

Mr Wan Akmal Hakim bin Abdul Razak is a Claims Executive, newly joined Spica Services in August 2019. He is 28 years old and started his career in shipping industry as a Marine Surveyor. He has 2 years of experience in a survey and adjusting company and used to carry out P&I surveys instructed by Spica. He also has experience in handling fix premium P&I, H&M and cargo interests’ claims. He is holder of Diploma in Hotel management and Degree in Maritime Operations.

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